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Ingredients: Mandarin, Lime, Lavandin Grosso, Palmarosa, Lavender Maillette, Marjoram Sweet*, Myrrh (*Denotes Certified Organic) 


Embark on a journey of tranquility with Natural Territory's Essential Oil Blend, Drift Away. Immerse yourself in the soothing combination of Mandarin, Lime, Lavandin Grosso, Palmarosa, Lavender Maillette, Marjoram Sweet*, and Myrrh. This carefully curated blend is designed to create a serene atmosphere, offering a peaceful haven for relaxation and contemplation.


  • Mandarin: The gentle and uplifting aroma of Mandarin is celebrated for its calming influence. It is known to alleviate stress and anxiety, creating a serene ambiance that encourages relaxation.

  • Lime: Lime adds a touch of zest to Drift Away. Its refreshing and invigorating properties contribute to a positive atmosphere, promoting mental clarity and revitalization.

  • Lavandin Grosso: Lavandin Grosso, a hybrid of true lavender, combines calming attributes with a slightly sweeter aroma. It is known to ease tension, promote relaxation, and create a tranquil environment.

  • Palmarosa: Palmarosa contributes a delicate floral scent to the blend. It is recognized for its calming and uplifting properties, fostering emotional balance and a peaceful state of mind.

  • Lavender Maillette: Lavender Maillette offers a classic lavender aroma with calming and soothing effects. It is widely used to reduce stress, promote relaxation, and support a restful night's sleep.

  • Marjoram Sweet* adds warmth to the blend. It is known for its comforting properties, promoting relaxation and easing muscular tension, contributing to a sense of well-being.

  • Myrrh: Myrrh brings a rich and grounding element to Drift Away. It is celebrated for its ability to instill a sense of tranquility, promoting a meditative and reflective atmosphere.

Drift Away invites you to create a sanctuary of serenity. Experience the therapeutic benefits of Mandarin, Lime, Lavandin Grosso, Palmarosa, Lavender Maillette, Marjoram Sweet*, and Myrrh as they work together to ease the mind, relax the body, and guide you into a state of peaceful bliss. Elevate your surroundings with the pure essence of Natural Territory's Drift Away Essential Oil Blend and let the stresses of the day melt away.

Description: Renew your spirit and find inspiration in this light, uplifting aroma. Vaporise this blend to help you release daily stresses and clear negativity.

Drift Away Essential Oil Blend 12ml


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