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Hi! My name is Anita Synnott and I am so glad that you have found us!

I have spent the last 10 years in the Northern Territory and we’ve have been extremely fortunate to be a part of a community who understand and appreciate the challenges we face living remotely. It is through their support that we have an extremely large client base here and recently have grown our customer base nationally and overseas, which has been really exciting!

My Natural Territory skin care range was born out of a desire to have products that were suitable for sensitive skin that are easy to use and that get fantastic results fast. I’ve battled different skin conditions my entire life and I know first hand just how this affects self-confidence. After our skincare range was so popular, we expanded into haircare, men’s and a living range. I have intentionally curated this beautiful range that is vegan, organic and is 100% Australian made. We have done all the work for you so you can get on with all of the other important stuff in your life.

I am passionate about being Australian Made, supporting small businesses and of course having quality products. I take great pride in sourcing the best supplies and collaborating with others who operate with a similar mindset to me.

I can’t wait for you to join our ever growing Natural Territory community, please get in touch if you have any questions!

With love,


Anita Synnott

Owner and Creator of Natural Territory

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