James Baillie’s Wonder Oil is well known to be very beneficial for a wide variety of ailments. This may be hard to believe until you’ve had the experience. According to people who have used Wonder Oil, it’s something to swear by, because it treats whatever part of our body we rub it into daily until it comes good; plus its penetrating power is up there with the best, because it is very thorough; it is generally the best thing we have ever used.


We know that it works, and gives good results for …

  • skin: roughness, calluses, sunburn, burns, windburn, rash, fungus, tinea, foot-pong, ulcers, warts, sunspots, pre-cancerous keratoses, moles, infections, styes, lumps, cuts, bruises, wounds, scars, old injuries, blisters, splinters, acne, eczema, shaving rash, dermatitis, vaginitis, thrush, herpes, dryness, wrinkles. Hand balm, foot balm, elbow balm, neck balm, scalp – lice in hair or on body. 
  • muscle, tendon, cartilage: ache, pain, sore, tender, twisted, pulled, torn, strained, RSI, tennis elbow, stiff, tense, cramp, injured, under-toned, over-used, pre-sport and after-sport, gentle detoxification, operation sites, old injuries, renowned for quick recovery. 
  • joint: sore, stiff, tense, painful, arthritic, injured, overused, spurs, RSI, cracking, resistant, jarred, aged, dicky knees and elbows, back and neck improver, hands love it. 
  • and: haemorrhoids, ear wax, grit in the eye, whatever needs a good clean-out of tone-up, pre-birth prevention of tearing, baby’s nappy rash, external infections, bodywork and massage, gradual cleaning of internal organs by daily exterior application for three weeks or so.

Wonder Oil 270ml

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