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This beautiful blend moisturiser, replenishes and renews skin. It is ideal for pregnancy and growth spurts to help avoid or heal stretch marks. 

Not only does this blend smell amazing, it is packed full of goodness! 


Lavender essential oil is one of the single most versatile essential oils available. It can benefit health in numerous ways, but it's also effective at treating skin conditions and improving the skin's health – including in the reduction of stretch marks. 


Castor oil For stretch marks, apply castor oil morning and night. Gently massage a liberal amount of this oil into your stretch marks. The primary benefit here is deep moisturisation from the oil, which will soothe any itchiness and keep your stretch marks from drying out.


Wheat germ oil is particularly effective for stretch marks because it stimulates tissue regeneration and has antioxidant properties. It is rich in minerals and vitamins (like vitamin E) and proteins, which are not only effective in reducing stretch marks but wrinkles and scars as well. 


Peanut oil is moisturising, helps repair the skin barrier and has an anti-age effect by fighting wrinkles and ageing processes.


Wheatgerm Oil, Castor Oil, Peanut Oil and Essentail Oil of Lavendar.

Stretch Mark Oil 30ml