100% Pure Argan Oil provides intense conditioning for dry and dehydrated skin and hair. Helps restore, regenerate and restructure skin by increasing the nutrient content of skin cells. Strengthens nails and hair. Softens cuticles. Nourishes hair, whilst leaving it silky and shiny.


Argan oil, currently labelled the “liquid gold” of the personal care industry is produced by cold-pressing the seeds of the argan plant, a plant native to and only grown in a very specific area of Morocco. Argan oil has become extremely popular throughout the personal care industry in recent years due to its amazing benefits to primarily hair as well as skin and nails. Argan oil is rich in a range of essential fatty acids, vitamin E and antioxidants which, when applied to the skin help to slow the signs of ageing. The chemical composition of the oil, however, allows it to penetrate completely into the hair shaft, aiding in the repair and strengthening of hair. This in turn leaves hair silky and looking glossy, not oily. Unlike many other natural cosmetic ingredients whose popularity has grown quickly (such as palm oil), argan oil does not have a detrimental effect on the environment, in fact, it has the complete opposite. The area in which the plant is grown is widely affected by desertification. By planting the argan plant, it is possible to halt or even reverse this process as the roots can grow 30 metres into the ground in search of water, preventing erosion. The production of argan oil also has many socio-economic benefits. Much of the argan oil exported from Morocco is produced by female cooperatives which were established by the Moroccan government in 2002. These ensure that the growers are paid a fair price for their product while providing women with education opportunities, helping to bridge the gender gap.

Organic Argan Oil 30ml