James Baillie’s Arthritis Oil is adapted from old folk-remedies which have apparently worked for thousands of years. These remedies are largely unknown now, but James discovered the basis of this blend of oils as an answer to his prayers for a way to get rid of his arthritis in 1983. After rubbing the oil in morning and night every day, all the arthritis symptoms disappeared on the 23rdday.


James says it was such a wonderful experience to recover from arthritis symptoms! After about 10 years of trials, research and asking around, James believes that this Arthritis Oil is the best remedy of its kind available in Australia today. It contains only natural and essential oils of the best quality that he can get , so when used sensibly it can’t do any harm to anybody except for the very rare people who are allergic to the oils. The only drawback to this oil blend is that it can stain clothing, so please take commonsense precautions while using it.

How to Use the Arthritis Oil

Use as much as you feel comfortable with at first, then use more or less according to your experience. Rub it in well until it has soaked in.

Rub a little of the oil into the problem area at least once a day. Or you can apply the oil by soaking a pad big enough to cover the area, then holding it in place with clingwrap either overnight or for up to two hours a day with a heated wheat-bag or hot water bottle on top. This oil does not fix irreversible damage. The oil soaks in well over time, but if you want to protect fabrics from possible stain, wipe off the excess. Normal washing in warm water with bi-carb soda is usually enough to remove the oil from clothing, or soak any stain with citrus oil or eucalyptus oil before washing.

Drink plenty of good water all the while to help flush the toxins out. Once your symptoms have disappeared, you can then apply the oil once a week or so for maintenance, or for a week or so at a time once or twice a year, and so prevent arthritis building up again.

Arthritis Oil 270ml

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